Content Writing Work

Client: Borro, an asset lender who specialise in luxury items like watches, sports cars and antiques.

Content: 50 blog posts over two years on a range of topics related to luxury assets, including sports cars, wine, antiques, art, designer handbags and high-end watches.

As well as conceiving the theme of the blog and the name, I produced fortnightly blog posts for Appreciating Assets (the blog has since been renamed), researching, writing, optimizing (SEO) and posting the content.

The success of the blog in the UK section of the website led to the creation of a separate American version for the US market. The content was also re-purposed for the brand’s regular newsletter aimed at intermediaries.

Results: Organic traffic to the UK and American websites doubled thanks to the presence of the blog. The content ranked for hundreds of long tail keywords and helped build topical authority on the various assets.